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V.S. Aslanov and A.A. Avramenko, "Stability of Motion of a Tethered System when Towing Spacecraft with Propellant Outage," Mech. Solids. 52 (6), 595-604 (2017)
Year 2017 Volume 52 Number 6 Pages 595-604
DOI 10.3103/S0025654417060012
Title Stability of Motion of a Tethered System when Towing Spacecraft with Propellant Outage
Author(s) V.S. Aslanov (Samara University, Moskovskoe sh. 34, Samara, 443086 Russia,
A.A. Avramenko (Samara University, Moskovskoe sh. 34, Samara, 443086 Russia)
Abstract The plane motion in a circular orbit of a tethered system consisting of a space tug and a nonoperational spacecraft with propellant outage is considered, and the system motion with respect to its center of mass under the action of the gravitational torque and a constant driving force of the space tug is studied. Lagrangian formalism is used to construct the nonlinear equations of motion and the first-order approximation equations. An analysis of the frequencies and mode shapes permits determining a combination of the system parameters for which the deviation angles of the tether and the towed object do not attain significant values. The results can be used to analyze the behavior and the choice of theparameters of the tethered transport system intended for the space debris withdrawal from the orbit (upper stages of launchers and nonoperational satellites).
Keywords space tethered system, space debris, orbit, satellite
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Received 26 July 2017
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