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V.V. Perepelkin, "Fluctuations of Pole Oscillations of Deformable Earth under Nonstationary Perturbations," Mech. Solids. 51 (6), 654-659 (2016)
Year 2016 Volume 51 Number 6 Pages 654-659
DOI 10.3103/S0025654416060042
Title Fluctuations of Pole Oscillations of Deformable Earth under Nonstationary Perturbations
Author(s) V.V. Perepelkin (Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technologies), Volokolamskoe sh. 4, GSP-3, A-80, Moscow, 125993 Russia,
Abstract An approach of celestial mechanics is used to consider variations in the tensor of inertia due to elastic deformations arising under the action of the centrifugal potential. The effects of influence of random actions are investigated in an example of fluctuation-dissipative perturbations of geophysical nature. A combined model of the Earth rotation fluctuations permits taking into account the stochastic components of the pole tide. It is shown that small irregular perturbations in tidal processes generate variations in the Chandler component of the pole oscillations.
Keywords Earth's pole oscillations, pole tide, Chandler frequency, geopotential, Earth rotation, celestial-mechanics model
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Received 07 April 2016
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