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I.I. Ivanchenko, "A Method of Bridgework Design for Seismic Loads," Mech. Solids. 50 (1), 96-116 (2015)
Year 2015 Volume 50 Number 1 Pages 96-116
DOI 10.3103/S0025654415010094
Title A Method of Bridgework Design for Seismic Loads
Author(s) I.I. Ivanchenko (Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, ul. Obraztsova 15, Moscow, 127994 Russia,
Abstract Analyzing the action of seismic loads on bridgework is a very topical problem of structure dynamics. These studies combine two independently developing areas of research which include the design of transport structures only for seismic loads [1-14] and the design of structures for the action of inertial moving load [15-28]. In this paper, a numerical method for studying vibrations of framed structures modeling bridges under the action of seismic loads is proposed. At the first stage, we use a method based on the use of rod boundary elements (BEM) and intended for designing building structures which only experience seismic loads given by accelerograms. At the second stage, a technique for estimating the interaction between the bridge span and the moving load due to the rolling stock entering the bridge under seismic actions is developed.
Keywords bridge, seismic load, rolling stock, boundary element, step procedure
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Received 10 June 2012
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