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M.A. Il'gamov and A.G. Khakimov, "Reflection of a Decaying Traveling Wave from a Notch in a Bar," Mech. Solids. 46 (4), 589-596 (2011)
Year 2011 Volume 46 Number 4 Pages 589-596
DOI 10.3103/S0025654411040091
Title Reflection of a Decaying Traveling Wave from a Notch in a Bar
Author(s) M.A. Il'gamov (Institute of Mechanics, Ufa Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, pr-t Oktyabrya 71, Ufa, Bashkortostan, 450054 Russia)
A.G. Khakimov (Institute of Mechanics, Ufa Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, pr-t Oktyabrya 71, Ufa, Bashkortostan, 450054 Russia,
Abstract We study the reflection from a transverse notch and the propagation of a longitudinal decaying traveling wave in a bar by using the simplest model of the stress-strain state in the notch region and obtain the solution dependence on the notch parameters. The solution of the inverse problem permits determining the notch coordinate and the parameter determining its depth and length from the data describing the incident and reflected waves at the observation site.
Keywords bar, longitudinal wave, decay, direct and inverse problems
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Received 27 April 2009
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