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A.R. Ulukhanyan, "Dynamic Equations of the Theory of Thin Prismatic Bodies with Expansion in the System of Legendre Polynomials," Mech. Solids. 46 (3), 467-479 (2011)
Year 2011 Volume 46 Number 3 Pages 467-479
DOI 10.3103/S0025654411030137
Title Dynamic Equations of the Theory of Thin Prismatic Bodies with Expansion in the System of Legendre Polynomials
Author(s) A.R. Ulukhanyan (Lomonosov Moscow State University, GSP-2, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992 Russia,
Abstract For a thin anisotropic body that is inhomogeneous with respect to curvilinear coordinates x1 and x2 and for an arbitrary homogeneous prismatic anisotropic elastic body of variable thickness with one small dimension in the case of the classical parametrization of its domain, we obtain the equations of motion of the Cosserat theory of elasticity in terms of moments with the kinematic boundary conditions of kinematic meaning and with boundary conditions of physical meaning taken into account.

For prismatic bodies of constant thickness, these equations are used to obtain the system of zero-order approximation equations for an isotropic medium. For the zero-order moments of the third components of the displacement and rotation vectors, fourth-order wave equations are obtained. In the classical theory, such equations are obtained in the first-order approximation for the zero- and first-order moments of the first invariant of the plane strain and for the third components of the displacement vector. In contrast to the Timoshenko type wave equation, in the equation for the zero-order moment of the third component of the displacement vector, the shear coefficient is k=1. Moreover, the plate cylindrical rigidity coincides with the rigidity obtained by I. N. Vekua, and for Poisson's ratio equal to 0.5, the coefficient multiplying the acceleration is zero.

In the case of a transversally isotropic medium, in the first- and second-order approximations, the fourth- and sixth-order hyperbolic equations are obtained for the zero-, first-, and second-order moments of the first invariant of the plane strain and of the third component of the displacement vector, respectively. The matrix of velocities of the wave propagation in an infinitely transversally isotropic elastic medium is written in the principal directions, and this matrix shows that the coefficients of these equations can be expressed in terms of these velocities. Most of this paper was published in [1].
Keywords Cosserat theory, prismatic body with one small dimension, system of Legendre polynomials, moments of function, hyperbolic equation
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Received 14 November 2008
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