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Yu.I. Vikulina, M.A. Grekov, and S.A. Kostyrko, "Model of Film Coating with Weakly Curved Surface," Mech. Solids. 45 (6), 778-788 (2010)
Year 2010 Volume 45 Number 6 Pages 778-788
DOI 10.3103/S0025654410060038
Title Model of Film Coating with Weakly Curved Surface
Author(s) Yu.I. Vikulina (Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskiy pr-t 35, Petergof, St.†Petersburg, 198504 Russia,
M.A. Grekov (Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskiy pr-t 35, Petergof, St.†Petersburg, 198504 Russia,
S.A. Kostyrko (Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskiy pr-t 35, Petergof, St.†Petersburg, 198504 Russia,
Abstract We use the perturbation method to construct a solution of the plane problem of elasticity for a film-foundation composite where the film surface is weakly curved. In the case where the film surface has a periodic shape, the problem solution in each approximation is represented in terms of Fourier series with coefficients expressed in terms of quadrature. In the first approximation, we obtain the stresses on the film surface and on the interphase surface in terms of the surface curvature, the film average thickness, and the film-to-foundation Young's modulus ratio.
Keywords film coating, curved surface, stress concentration
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Received 30 July 2010
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