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Volume: 43 • Number: 5 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Global stabilization of a double inverted pendulum with control at the hinge between the links
A. M. Formalískii
Nonlinear 3D vibrations of a heavy material point on a spring at resonance
A. G. Petrov and A. V. Fomichev
Shapes of a rotating rheonomic rod
K. I. Romanov
Numerical simulation of forced nonlinear vibrations of a thread
A. P. Malyshev
Estimates of accuracy of approximate solutions of some combined modular elastic continuum systems with discrete interaction
A. F. Starikov
Structure of polynomial solutions of elasticity equations in stresses
D. V. Georgievskii
Estimates of the influence of the transverse strain in a contact problem with free boundary
V. V. Mironov and E. I. Mikhailovskii
Orthogonality hypothesis and gradientality principle in plasticity theory
V. G. Zubchaninov
Strain rate intensity factors for a plastic mass flow between two conical surfaces
S. E. Aleksandrov and E. A. Lyamina
On the hyperbolicity of 3D plasticity equations in isostatic coordinates
Yu. N. Radaev
On relations for general two-dimensional ideal plasticity problems under the full plasticity condition
A. V. Gorskii and P. V. Gorskii
Coupled dynamic thermoviscoelasticity problem
S. A. Lychev
Dynamics of interaction between a squeezed layer of a viscous incompressible fluid and an elastic three-layer plate
L. I. Mogilevich
Dislocation model of a nanotwin
O. M. Ostrikov
Strain and fracture of circular plates under static and dynamical loading by a spherical body
Yu. K. Bivin
Analytical and numerical studies of free vibration frequencies of ferromagnetic plates with arbitrary electric conductance in a transverse magnetic field in the 3D setting
A. G. Bagdoev and A. V. Vardanyan
Dynamic stability of nearly cylindrical orthotropic shells of revolution subjected to meridional forces
S. N. Kukudzhanov
Vladimir Vasilíevich Bolotin (March 29, 1926ĖMay 28, 2008)
L. A. Galin Seminar in Continuum Mechanics supervised by V. M. Alexandrov, V. N. Kukudzhanov, and A. V. Manzhirov
Volume: 43 • Number: 5 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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