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O. R. Kuznetsov, "Analysis of right closed thin-walled prismatic shells supported by stringers with geometric and physical nonlinearity taken into account," Mech. Solids. 43 (1), 86-99 (2008)
Year 2008 Volume 43 Number 1 Pages 86-99
DOI 10.3103/S0025654408010081
Title Analysis of right closed thin-walled prismatic shells supported by stringers with geometric and physical nonlinearity taken into account
Author(s) O. R. Kuznetsov (Saratov State Technical University, Politekhnicheskaya 77, Saratov, 410054, Russia,
Abstract We consider thin-walled right-angle closed prismatic shells with rigid contour of the transverse cross-section. Such shells underlie the schemes used in the analysis of various thin-walled spatial structures. The use of nonlinear physical and geometric relations in the computations permits numerically obtaining the strength margin of the corresponding structures.

In the present paper, we propose methods for obtaining a boundary value problem and analyzing such shells with nonlinear factors taken into account; the problem is presented as a system of linear differential equations with variable coefficients. We show that, within the approach proposed, this boundary value problem has a fixed structure independent of the special form of nonlinearity. The entire variety of problems of static analysis of right-angle prismatic shells with nonlinear factors taken into account can be reduced to solving this boundary value problem. Methods for taking a specific nonlinearity into account are treated as various methods for obtaining expressions for the variable coefficients in the matrices of the boundary value problem.

We present methods for solving this boundary value problem numerically; these methods are independent of the specific form of the nonlinearity.
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Received 03 June 2005
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