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"Anatolii Gerasimovich Gorshkov," Mech. Solids. 41 (4), 147-151 (2006)
Year 2006 Volume 41 Number 4 Pages 147-151
Title Anatolii Gerasimovich Gorshkov
Abstract Professor A. G. Gorshkov (March 5, 1941-April 29, 2006), who has been the executive secretary of the editorial board of our journal during the last fifteen years, passed away. We lost a talent scientist, an industrious and purposeful person.

Anatolii Gerasimovich was born in 1941 in the village of Byvalitsy, Smolensk region and very early lost his father, who did not come back from the war. In 1958, Gorshkov entered the Moscow Aviation Institute, from which he graduated with a honors degree and a recommendation for postgraduate studies. After the post-graduate studies, he began to work at the Institute for Mechanics of Moscow State University, where in 1967 he defended his Candidate dissertation and in 1973 became Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. Working as a senior researcher at this institute, Gorshkov becomes professor of Moscow Automotive Institute and, in 1982, 18 years after his graduation from the Moscow Aviation Institute, he becomes the head of the chair "Strength of Materials and dynamics and strength of machines" at Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1991, he was elected Dean of the Department of Applied Mathematics and remained at this position until the end of his life.

Gorshkov was a first-class scientist, the author of fundamental results in the field of aerohydroelasticity of structures and wave dynamics. He obtained solutions of important applied problems on the penetration of elastic constructions through the interface between gas and liquid media related to the water landing of descent modules and to the underwater launching of rockets. Several methods for calculating stratified obstacles defending from intensive radiation and the flow of particles and several calculational experimental methods for determining and optimizing acoustic characteristics of composite modules were developed under his supervision. Gorshkov published more than 300 scientific works among which there are 14 monographs and 6 educational works. He created a scientific school in the field of nonstationary aerohydroelasticity, whose representatives defended 29 Candidate and 10 Doctor dissertations. For his contribution to science, he was awarded the prize of the USSR Council of Ministers, the State prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, and the title of Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Gorshkov made a large contribution to the training of engineers. As the Dean of the Department and the Head of the Chair, he initiated new courses and specialities and paid great attention to the publication of educational literature, made everything he could to maintain engineering education at a high level.

Gorshkov's many-sided activity testifies his to exclusive ability to work and responsibility. In addition to the above, he was a member of the National Committee in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, a member of the Editorial boards of the journals "Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved. Aviatsionnaya Tekhnika", "Vestnik MAI", and "Mekhanika", a member of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) Expert Council in Mechanics, President of Scientific-Methodical Council in Mechanics of the Ministry of Science and Education, a coordinator of the section of Mechanics of Solids of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. He organized and carried out 12 International Symposia in dynamic and technological problems of structural and continuum mechanics.

Gorshkov was the executive secretary of the editorial board of the journal "Izv. Ross. Akad. Nauk. Mechanics of Solids" and always showed his wide erudition, adherence to principles, objectivity, and benevolence. The bright image of Anatolii Gerasimovich Gorshkov will forever remain in the hearts of the members of the editorial board and the authors of the journal, numerous friends and colleagues.
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