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A. A. Kulikov and S. N. Nazarov, "Correspondence principle in plane problems of rectilinear crack growth," Mech. Solids. 39 (1), 56-64 (2004)
Year 2004 Volume 39 Number 1 Pages 56-64
Title Correspondence principle in plane problems of rectilinear crack growth
Author(s) A. A. Kulikov (St. Petersburg)
S. N. Nazarov (St. Petersburg)
Abstract It is shown that the processes of quasistatic rectilinear crack growth in plane orthotropic algebraically equivalent materials occur in a similar manner. A correspondence principle is formulated for media whose elastic and strength characteristics are related by the same affine transformation. Some relations are discovered between stress singularity exponents for anisotropic wedges with clamped or free faces. Some relevant examples are discussed.
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Received 23 July 2001
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