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V. N. Akopyan and A. V. Saakyan, "Stress state of an elastic half-plane containing a thin rigid inclusion," Mech. Solids. 37 (6), 64-69 (2002)
Year 2002 Volume 37 Number 6 Pages 64-69
Title Stress state of an elastic half-plane containing a thin rigid inclusion
Author(s) V. N. Akopyan (Erevan)
A. V. Saakyan (Erevan)
Abstract Various aspects of contact interaction of thin rigid or elastic inclusions (internal or/and boundary) with an elastic half-plane have been addressed in numerous publications [1-5]. In the present paper, we consider the stress state of a homogeneous elastic half-plane with a thin rigid boundary inclusion of finite length, one side of this inclusion being detached from the matrix. Mathematically, the problem is stated in the form of two singular integral equations of the second kind with fixed singularity and solved by the numerical-analytical discrete singularity method.
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Received 29 May 2000
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