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Volume: 35 • Number: 2 • Year: 2000 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Evolution of the satellite rapid rotation under the action of the gravitational and aerodynamic torques
E. Yu. Kuznetsova, V. V. Sazonov, and S. Yu. Chebukov
Historical perspectives of the development of electromechanical techniques for ballistic missile guidance
D. G. Korenevskii
On the choice of the rotor shape for an electrostatically suspended gyroscope
O. G. Barkin and V. V. Podalkov
Influence of the limited-power driving torque on the stability of steady-state motions of an asymmetric top
A. M. Krivtsov
On the choice of the generalized coordinates for the analysis of motion of mechanical systems
E. S. Briskin
Quasi-steady rotatory-vibratory motions of a two-mass system with a vertically vibrating base
L. D. Akulenko
On one type of self-oscillations in systems with dry friction and impacts (to the dynamics of a jumping rod)
V. V. Andronov
Mathematical modeling of irreversible multiparameter processes and constitutive relations for continuous media
I. G. Teregulov
The multimodulus model of continuum as applied to the behavior of rocks under high stresses
V. A. Gasilov, M. V. Golovin, V. P. Myasnikov, and A. Kh. Pergament
Analytical method for the analysis of the nonlinearly elastic equilibrium of laminated noncircular cylinders
Yu. N. Nemish
Singular finite elements: review and classification
O. N. Lushchik
Complex invariant integrals in the plane problem of nonlinear elasticity
K. F. Chernykh
Influence of isolated asperities of a moving surface on the point elastohydrodynamic contact
M. Ya. Panovko
Steady-state plane ideal flows in the theory of plasticity
S. E. Aleksandrov
A shear crack in an elastic medium with variable properties under plane deformation
T. A. Belyakova and E. V. Lomakin
Theory of shells: state of the art and prospects of development
V. V. Pikul'
Transient waves in a cylindrical shell subjected to sudden harmonic loads
V. A. Kovalev, L. Yu. Kossovich, and A. V. Nikonov
Modeling of nonlinear deformation and buckling in smooth or ribbed cylindrical shells under pulse loading
N. A. Abrosimov, V. G. Bazhenov, and A. V. Yelesin
Volume: 35 • Number: 2 • Year: 2000 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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