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Volume: 33 • Number: 5 • Year: 1998 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Quaternions and related transformations in dynamics of a symmetric rigid body. II
Yu. N. Chelnokov
Dynamics of controlled motions of a flexible manipulation robot
V. I. Gulyaev and T. V. Zavrazhina
The influence of dissipative and constant torques on the form and stability of steady-state motions of Lagrange's top
A. V. Karapetyan and I. S. Lagutina
Self-oscillations in a two-mass system with relative slip of the bodies
M. M. Vetyukov and R. F. Nagaev
On the maximization of the degree of stability of a planar two-body system
A. V. Stepanov
On the principle of phase opposition of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces exerted by a heavy liquid on a fixed body intersecting the free surface of the liquid
M. A. Basin, Yu. V. Pyl'nev, and Yu. V. Razumeenko
Phase transformations in deformation of solids in a model problem of an elastic ball
I. R. Nazyrov and A. B. Freidin
On singularities of contact stresses in the problem of a wedge-shaped punch on an elastic cone
D. A. Pozharskii and M. I. Chebakov
Concentrated forces and torques near the boundary of an elastic half-plane
Yu. M. Dal' and Yu. G. Pronina
Methods for solving the partial eigenvalue problem in mechanics based on the Routh theorem
V. A. Postnov
A vertical impact of a rigid sphere or cylinder with a filler on an elastic half-space
A. G. Gorshkov and D. V. Tarlakovskii
A dynamic contact problem for an elastic semi-strip attached by its end side to an elastic half-plane
S. V. Zakharova and V. M. Shikhman
Energy of plane elastic waves in anisotropic media
A. S. Grishin and A. R. Loshitskii
Computer simulation of the behavior of materials subjected to impact-shock loading
S. A. Afanas'eva, N. N. Belov, A. A. Konyaev, T. M. Platova, V. G. Simonenko, S. V. Starenchenko, A. L. Stukanov, V. G. Trushkov, M. V. Khabibullin, and N. T. Yugov
New integral representations of analytical solutions to dynamical problems of thermoelasticity in a domain with a uniformly moving boundary
E. M. Kartashov and M. M. Yakunkin
Some laws of deformation and long-term crack resistance of viscoelastic materials subject to natural aging
V. M. Pestrikov
Singularity exponents of elastic stresses at the point where the crack reaches the surface
E. V. Glushkov, N. V. Glushkova, and O. N. Lapina
Estimation of errors of the 2D classical theory of shells depending on the operation conditions of the structure
A. L. Goldenveizer
A problem of a cut closure in a shallow shell subjected to bending
I. P. Shatskii
The Galin Seminar on Continuum Mechanics
Volume: 33 • Number: 5 • Year: 1998 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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