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Volume: 32 • Number: 3 • Year: 1997 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
An algorithm for calculating natural frequencies of a hemispherical resonator gyro
A. A. Kireenkov
Synthesis of the multiply connected digital control for an active vibration isolation system in the two-dimensional planar problem
L. A. Rybak and A. V. Sinev
Time-optimal reorientation of a rotating spherically symmetric body with stopping its motion
A. N. Sirotin
Steady-state motions of a nonsymmetric top
A. M. Krivtsov
Steady-state motion of a wheel with a viscoelastic periphery
V. G. Vil'ke and V. A. Sinitsyn
Some properties of kinematic equations of no-slip rolling of a rigid body over a fixed surface
V. A. Yaroshchuk
Parametric excitation of self-oscillations
M. Ya. Izrailovich
Optimal damping of forced vibrations in elastic systems with several degrees of freedom. Part 2. Damping in the range containing several natural frequencies
A. V. Stepanov
Analysis of effective elastic properties of composites with random structures by the generalized self-consistency method
A. A. Pan'kov
Diffraction of a shear wave on cylindrical inclusions in a piezoelectric half-space
D. Bardzokas and M. L. Fil'shtinskii
On the propagation of plane waves in an anisotropic medium interacting with a fluid
I. O. Osipov
Initial bands of plasticity at the point of collision of slipbands
V. N. Dyakon, A. A. Kaminskii, and L. A. Kipnis
Constitutive relations for thermomechanical behavior of polymer materials in vitrification and softening
O. Yu. Smetannikov, N. A. Trufanov, and I. N. Shardakov
Cumulative damage in metals due to stress corrosion cracking
V. I. Astaf'ev and L. K. Shiryaeva
Variation of the shape of the edge of a plane locally nonequilibrium tensile crack
L. G. Kolton and S. A. Nazarov
On approximate methods for analyzing thin elastic shells and plates
A. L. Goldenveizer
On the asymptotic method for justifying the plate theory
V. V. Vasil'ev
Allowance for reduction in the equations of nonlinear dynamics of shells
L. A. Shapovalov
Nonlinear free bending vibrations of a cylindrical shell with an interaction of conjugate modes
E. V. Ladygina and A. I. Manevich
The influence of the fluid flow on the stability of a compressed and twisted rectilinear rod
L. G. Rezazade and V. A. Svetlitskii
The Galin Seminar on Continuum Mechanics
Volume: 32 • Number: 3 • Year: 1997 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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