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Volume: 31 • Number: 6 • Year: 1996 • Total articles: 24<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Construction of optimal controls and trajectories of a spacecraft in the Newtonian gravitational field by using the quaternion technique
Yu. N. Chelnokov and V. A. Yurko
Fluctuations of a rigid body with a fixed point in a non-Gaussian stochastic medium
I. N. Sinitsyn
Maximum displacement of a point mass in a system with dry friction
D. V. Balandin
Variable-structure model for the lateral motion of a railway carriage
I. A. Kopylov and I. V. Novozhilov
Mathematical well-posedness of boundary value problems of elastostatics for hyperelastic materials
I. A. Brigadnov
Gradient theory of shear wave propagation in a fibrous medium
G. A. Vanin
Excitation of elastic pulses in a laminated composite by heat sources distributed over its surface
N. A. Evtushenko, P. V. Lobzenko, and V. P. Sizov
Interference of seismic waves propagating in a stochastically nonhomogeneous elastic medium
V. L. Mondrus
Deformational plasticity theory of deformationally anisotropic bodies
V. A. Peleshko
Extension of a strip and a beam of variable rectangular cross-section made of an ideally plastic material
A. M. Vasil'eva, D. D. Ivlev, and M. V. Mikhailova
Mathematical modeling of elastoviscous systems on the basis of collocation approximations
V. V. Kopasenko and N. I. Minakova
Wave beam propagation in an initially deformed viscoelastic dispersive nonlinear layer with a free surface
A. G. Bagdoev and A. V. Shekoyan
Continuously distributed dislocations and disclinations in elastic shells
L. M. Zubov
Two statements of the problem of contact interaction of a cylindrical shell with a locally loaded rib
V. P. Ol'shanskii
Influence of the normal pressure on the natural vibration frequencies of nearly cylindrical shells of revolution
S. N. Kukudzhanov
Nonstationary bending wave processes in stiffened shells of revolution subjected to an impact at the edge
A. Yu. Kopnin, L. Yu. Kossovich, and S. A. Petrokovskii
Waves localized along the free edge of a plate with cubic symmetry
M. V. Belubekyan and I. A. Engibaryan
Contact stresses under an axial impact of an elastic rod and an elastic plate
N. G. Dolmatova and E. N. Kozhevnikov
Numerical investigation of 3D elastohydrodynamic contact with allowance for complex geometry of the inlet boundary of the lubricant film
M. Ya. Panovko
The structure of acoustic fields in a gas-filled cylindrical compartment closed by shallow spherical caps
O. V. Kuznetsov
Propagation of waves along an elastic anisotropic layer in a fluid
O. V. Avramenko and I. T. Selezov
Seminar of Scientific Councils of the Russian Academy of Sciences on System Mechanics and Control of Motion and Navigation
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Volume: 31 • Number: 6 • Year: 1996 • Total articles: 24<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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