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Volume: 31 • Number: 4 • Year: 1996 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Order reduction in the equations of motion of a heavy body near the vertical
V. N. Koshlyakov
Application of Jacobian elliptic functions to the analysis of forced vibrations of a nonlinear conservative system
F. M. Detinko
Universal laws of transition to chaos in dissipative and conservative nonlinear vibratory systems
V. I. Gulyaev, T. V. Zavrazhina, and V. L. Koshkin
Dynamics of a vibratory system with a cavity containing a vibroimpact element
M. I. Feigin
Automated computer-aided compilation of equations of motion for a multi-link manipulator
N. V. Dunskaya and E. S. Pyatnitskii
Enhancing efficiency of dynamic analysis of mechanical systems
V. G. Moskvin
On dislocation loops in anisotropic media
S. V. Kuznetsov
On the localization of deformations in a nonelastic layer caused by the motion of a massive stamp
A. N. Kovshov
A method for solving axisymmetric contact problems of stationary thermoelasticity involving frictional heating
A. A. Evtushenko and R. D. Kul'chitskii-Zhigailo
Mathematical well-posedness and numerical methods for solving initial-boundary value problems of plasticity
I. A. Brigadnov
A method for extending solutions of differential equations along characteristics in problems on the flow of a thin plastic layer between surfaces
L. F. Fomin
3D problem of crack closure near thermal sources
A. V. Balueva, R. V. Goldstein, and M. Matczynski
A mathematical model of a 3D anisotropic damage state
S. Murakami and Yu. N. Radaev
Micromechanics of ice deformation and fracture
V. P. Epifanov
A finite-difference scheme for a nonstationary filtration problem in layered soils
F. B. Kiselev and S. V. Sheshenin
Analytical solution of problems on the direct and inverse transformations in shape memory alloys
A. A. Movchan
Error estimates for the classical theory of thin elastic shells
A. L. Goldenveizer
Computer-aided design and strength calculations for thin-walled multilayer axisymmetric structures
V. I. Myachenkov, G. N. Ol'shanskaya, and A. V. Chekanin
Application of a variational method for solving a nonlinear singularly perturbed problem for highly elastic membranes
V. A. Trotsenko
The decomposition method in torsion problems for a rod of rectangular cross-section and for an angle
L. S. Klabukova, G. I. Pshenichnov, and E. A. Yakovleva
Seminar of Scientific Councils of the Russian Academy of Sciences on System Mechanics and Control of Motion and Navigation
Professor Petr I. Perlin (1929-1996)
Volume: 31 • Number: 4 • Year: 1996 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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