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A.F. Razin, "The Problem of Optimum Design of Composite Housings of Solid Propellant Rocket Engines," Mech. Solids. 53 (4), 418-426 (2018)
Year 2018 Volume 53 Number 4 Pages 418-426
DOI 10.3103/S0025654418040076
Title The Problem of Optimum Design of Composite Housings of Solid Propellant Rocket Engines
Author(s) A.F. Razin (The Central Research Institute for Special Machinery, Zavodskaya ul. 1, Khotkovo, Moscow Region, 141371 Russia,
Abstract The article, which is of a review nature, discusses the problems of designing and calculating the hulls of rocket engines of solid propellant with a high degree of weight perfection and made of composite materials by the method of automatic continuous winding. The history of the creation of such structures is briefly described and the problems of optimal reinforcement and optimization of the structural forms of composite membrane-free shells of revolution are considered. The results obtained in this direction by the scientific school of academician V.V. Vasiliev are discussed.
Keywords composite materials, solid propellant rocket engines, design
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Received 10 March 2018
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