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Volume: 32 • Number: 4 • Year: 1997 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Stellar monitoring and calibration of a strap-down spatial angular velocity meter
A. I. Tkachenko
Method of irreducible tensors in problems on evolution motions of a rigid body with a fixed point
Yu. M. Urman
Perturbation of motion of a body with one fixed point by a time-varying temperature field
V. E. Dzhashitov and V. M. Pankratov
Optimal control of spatial motions of a spherical pendulum
L. D. Akulenko
Stability of periodic motions of the pendulum with a horizontally vibrating suspension point
O. V. Kholostova
Equations of motion of a machine unit with a variable-speed drive as a nonholonomic system with a nonlinear second-order constraint
M. P. Yushkov
A method for estimating effective characteristics of porous bodies subjected to finite deformations
V. A. Levin, V. V. Lokhin, and K. M. Zingerman
On the spatial contact problem for an elastic cone
D. A. Pozharskii
The stress-strain state of a magnetoelastic layer with a crack due to an external magnetic field
D. D. Asanyan and G. E. Bagdasaryan
Reflection of a nonlinear beam from the free surface of a magnetic elastic layer
A. G. Bagdoev and A. V. Shekoyan
Numerical simulation of the meteorite impact on the rock and water
S. A. Afanas'eva and V. G. Trushkov
Dynamic deformation and fracture of inelastic laminated composites
K. V. Kukudzhanov
On the relationship between the plasticity theory allowing for microstresses and the endochronic theory of plasticity
Yu. I. Kadashevich and S. P. Pomytkin
Exact solutions in elementary functions in the theory of plane plastic flow in the polar coordinates
S. E. Aleksandrov and R. V. Goldstein
On the stressed state of an ideally plastic hollow nearly-circular cylinder
A. M. Vasil'eva and D. D. Ivlev
Modeling of thermomechanical processes in a crystallizing polymer
V. P. Begishev, V. P. Matveenko, N. V. Pistsov, and I. N. Shardakov
Construction of boundary integral equations for various modifications of the theory of shells of complex geometry
V. N. Paimushin, I. N. Sidorov, and I. M. Suleimanov
One form of the fundamental solution for shells of negative Gaussian curvature
B. V. Nerubailo, V. P. Ol'shanskii, and M. E. Rezunenko
Remarks on the article "On the asymptotic method for justifying the plate theory" by V. V. Vasil'ev
A. L. Goldenveizer
On the study of the stress concentration and edge effects in plates
V. F. Chekurin and R. S. Shpakovich
Steady-state transverse vibration of a periodically jointed beam on a homogeneous viscoelastic base under the action of a moving harmonic force
P. M. Belotserkovskii
Seminar of Scientific Councils of the Russian Academy of Sciences on System Mechanics and Control of Motion and Navigation
Volume: 32 • Number: 4 • Year: 1997 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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